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Auction of books (March 2023)

This book auction has now closed. The list still shows all the books offered, many of which have now been sold. A few books have not been sold and offers will be invited when the list is updated.

The SABG has acquired some of Peter Watt’s books on South African bulbs and other flowers, in addition to a number of books donated at the October 2022 meeting and a few books, pamphlets and journal articles remaining from those left by Terry Smale. The details are in this list.

Auction rules

Offers are invited. A “guide price” is listed, based on Internet searches for other copies for sale, and generously discounted for members. Bids, preferably around or above the guide price, should be sent by email to Alina Hughes ( She will confirm the receipt of your offer and also if time permits let you know if a higher bid is received, so you have the option of increasing your offer. A book will be considered sold to the member submitting the highest bid received on or before 31st March. If the highest bid is significantly below the guide price it will be reviewed by the Committee and will not necessarily be accepted.

We assume that most of these books will have to be posted or sent by courier to you, so there will be an additional charge for this, which will be arranged when a sale is confirmed. Most single books will make a small parcel for around £3 to £4, but some books are heavier and will cost more to send, as will sending several books. In some cases there may be other ways to get the books to you, or you might arrange for yourself or someone acting for you to collect them at the Autumn 2024 meeting in Winchester on 2nd April 2023, which is why the deadline is 31st March. Overseas members are welcome to bid, but the cost of postage (“shipping”) will of course be higher.

Remaining unsold books will be offered for sale at our Autumn 2024 meeting on 2nd April.

Additional notes

I will try to answer any questions you have (

I have photographed the front covers of many of the books and you can browse through them in our Gallery. Click on the bookcase picture to enter the “Books for Sale” album, then click on one of the books to enlarge it, then to move through the list click on < or > or use the arrow keys or swipe sideways on a phone. The background grid in the photos has 1cm squares. The book with the untitled front cover is Trauseld (1969) “Wild Flowers of the Natal Drakensberg”. You can find more information on most of these books by searching online in the usual way, or if you use Google’s Chrome browser you can go straight from the cover picture via Google Lens to search with Google without having to type anything at all (except for Trauseld’s book, even Google isn’t that clever/omnipotent/scary).

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