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Future meetings

Spring 2024 meeting

Our next meeting will be on Sunday 24th March 2024.

Speakers have not yet been arranged.

Directions to the meeting hall. The doors will open at 10.00, and the meeting will close at about 14.30. SABG members, their guests and visitors are welcome. Admission is £3.00 and parking is free.

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  • The most recent published newsletter is number 48 (March 2023)
  • You can read or download all the SABG newsletters from our list of newsletters

News items

  • An SABG member has drawn my attention to a study of the South African species of Ledebouria, which I have added to our Digital library [22 November 2023]
  • The November 2023 Ephemeral Seed and Bulb Exchange has now finished. The material available was listed here here. [22 November 2023]
  • More options to order seeds and bulbs from South African and other suppliers are described in Bulletin 48/3 emailed to SABG members. [23 June 2023]
  • An SABG member is proposing to make a joint seed order to Silverhill Seeds, as described in Bulletin 48/2 emailed to SABG members today. If you are an SABG member, didn’t receive this bulletin and are interested in joining in, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch. [10 April 2023]

Recently changed web pages and documents

Bulb and Seed Exchanges

  • The 2022 autumn ephemeral seed exchange list is available, thanks to its coordinator, Jon Evans. Details have been emailed to members, and can also be read on our 2022 Bulb & Seed Exchange page. The deadline for requests from members for seeds and bulbs from the Exchange is 18th November 2022.
  • The main seed and bulb exchange for 2022 has now finished.

News from other sources

Pacific Bulb Society RSS news feed

The PBS List is an email discussion of bulbs, sponsored by the Pacific Bulb Society, for people around the world. Although bulbs (defined more broadly to include all geophytes) are the focus, we recognize that people who grow them probably grow other things too and will be talking about them from time to time. Everyone is welcome to take part, simply click on Subscribe [in the link on the right just below]. PBS List

These are the most recent posts in the PBS List. If you click on one, you will be able to see all the others.

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