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A cookie is a small text file (not a program capable of actions), specific to the SABG web-site, stored on your computer or device to hold information about your use of the web-site and sent back to the web-site in subsequent requests to confirm your identity and preferences.

Our web-server software DokuWiki uses cookies to maintain very limited functions. Most of these cookies are automatically deleted from your computer or device at the termination of your visit.

These functions are:

  • to remember users who are logged in (most users do not need to log in)
  • to remember certain user preferences (not used at present)
  • to hold temporary data during your browsing session to avoid certain kinds of attacks on the web-site.

None of these functions is critical to your use of the web-site, and we appreciate that some users may prefer not to allow the use of cookies on their browser. Blocking these cookies will not prevent you from accessing or using the site, although it is possible that in future some new features may not be fully available.

If you wish to disable cookies, or get notifications when you receive a new cookie then please use your browser help menu to identify how to do this for your specific browser.

By continuing to use this website we assume that you have given permission for the use of cookies as outlined above.

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