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A recent security enhancement has disabled the functions lower down on this page.

Audrey Cain's BulbWeb

Here is a copy of the original BulbWeb home page, with the ability to search by name or browse genera.


<form action=“cgi-bin/” method=“post” target=“BulbWeb”>

  <label for="name">Name: </label>
  <input type="text" id="name" name="find">
  (type all or part of a plant name here)
  <button type="submit">Search BulbWeb</button>

</form> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; or see a <form action=“cgi-bin/” method=“post” target=“BulbWeb”>

  <button type="submit">List of all the genera</button>



The area below will at first show a copy of the original BulbWeb home page (some of the links in it no longer work, use the buttons above instead), and then the results after you perform a search using the buttons above.
To see all the following content, you may need to use the mouse scroll-wheel or the scroll-bar on the right.

<html> <iframe src=“” style=“border:2px solid green;” title=“BulbWeb” name=“BulbWeb” width=“100%” height=“500px”> BulbWeb </iframe> </html>

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